You Don't Need Buckets of Money Convenience & Efficiency Mobility It's a Trusted Model
If you’re still wavering back-and-forth, hopefully this will help convince you why you should—along with the most important practices to ensure you can scale your business while keeping unnecessary stress at bay. Here are four reasons why you should start a drop shipping business, and why you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t:
You Don't Need Bucket of Money
It requires a lot of capital to stock a warehouse. You can eliminate the risk of going into debt to start your business by using dropshipping. Instead of purchasing an extensive inventory and hoping that it sells, you can start a dropshipping business with zero inventory and immediately start making money.

The cost of inventory is one of the highest costs you’ll have if you own and warehouse stock. You may end up with obsolete inventory – forcing you to find ways to reduce your stock – or you’ll end up with too little inventory – leading to stockouts and lost revenue. Dropshipping allows you to avoid these issues and focus on growing your customer base and building your brand.